COVID-19 Protocols

We’re excited to get back to routine and very eager to dance again. You are all greatly missed!

With that said, we’ve been thinking about our 2020/21 season and considering how physically distancing measures can be applied in our environment. As a result, we have been proactive and made some changes that be enforced by Middlesex Health Unit.

Finalized protocols will be released with all registered families prior to the start of the season.

Should our opening be delayed, rest assured that you will only be charged for the classes we’re able to run. Alternatively, if things go well, we will accept more registrations and increase class sizes as permitted.

  • No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Medical clearance is required to participate in training if a dancer has a previously documented COVID-19 infection.
  • No close contact with individuals known to have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Should a dancer present with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 they should be directed home and instructed to contact their health care provider. Other teachers, dancers, and parents are to be notified about the possible exposure, however, the dancer’s name is to remain unidentified to protect the privacy of the individual.
  • To stagger foot-traffic and allow for cleaning, classes will end 5 minutes early to allow for a proper and safe transition.
  • Dancers are to not bring extra personal items into the practice area. Dancers must remove street shoes at the entrance.
  • Entrance into locker rooms is to be restricted to one dancer at a time, who may place their belongings then exit the room.
  • Dancers are also to re-enter the locker room one at a time, to retrieve their belongings. Dancers are discouraged from sitting in the locker room between classes.
  • The number of dancers in any one class is limited to approximately 10, but this may vary depending on the size of the practice space. Our class maximums are based on square footage so if needed we will add more spots and move the larger class of the time slot to our biggest studio that has more square footage.
  • The studio floors will have dance boxes taped on the floor that are socially distanced 6 feet apart.
  • Our new studio is set up in an L shape with an emergency exit at the end of the hallway. This will allow us to move dancers and parents through our space in one direction.
  • Live stream classes so parents can still view classes. Studios will a live stream so parents can stream their child’s class from the Band app in the parking lot (if we are limited to the number of people allowed in our space).
  • At this time our lobby will be closed. Parents may be able to sit in the common areas in the ActivityPlex when masked but the number of people may be limited.
  • Pre-school dancers will have their own prop bags so no one is sharing items.
  • At this time public health is requiring teachers to be masked, dancers grade 4 and up will have to wear masks in the lobby areas, however, don’t need to wear a mask while dancing (again this is the policy now, it may change in the fall).
  • Dancers are to come dressed and ready to go. They will carry their dance shoes from class to class. If they have breaks in between classes they can hang out in the common areas when masked.
  • Dancers will mainly be working on skills that require minimal travelling across the studio floor (turn sequences, balance and strength exercises, and centre-work are all appropriate).
  • Handwashing policies and procedures will be posted throughout the facility and will be made easily accessible. Dancers are to wash their hands before and after each class. Used tissue, disinfectant wipes, and litter are disposed of in a lined waste bin that is emptied at least daily.
  • No sharing of personal items including food and water bottles.
  • All training surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned according to Health Canada guidelines after each class. This includes all barre surfaces and floors. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is to be worn by cleaning staff to prevent contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • All dancers and staff must self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. If any signs or symptoms are present, the participant should not attend studio classes, should notify teachers, and should contact their healthcare provider.
  • Wall-mounted hand sanitizer units for each studio room, lobby, restrooms, and entry.
  • A set cleaning schedule of high touch surfaces and a daily cleaning schedule.

It must be noted that any advisories made by federal, provincial or local health authorities will take precedence over any proposed guidelines for returning to the dance studio.