The Many Benefits of Virtual Dance Class

As we navigate this provincial shutdown together, Dance London is committed to bringing the joy of dance into your home and in your dancer’s life every single day.

Even though our virtual classes look a little bit different than in-person, we’re thrilled by the flexibility of our dancers, teachers, and parents as we tackle this new reality together. Watching the dancers’ faces light up on Zoom reminds us that dance is so much more than the steps. Our students get so much out of our classes, whether they are in-person or through a screen. Right now, this is clearer than ever!

How Do Virtual Dance Classes Work?

  • Starting Monday, January 11, 2021, all classes will be moving to a virtual format.
  • All recreational classes are hosted live on Zoom at their regularly scheduled time.
  • A resource centre through the Band App complete with resources, live recorded classes, and bonus content to keep our dancers engaged.
  • Monthly tuition will be discounted by 15%.

How much space does my dancer need at home?
We recommend cleaning a 6×6 ft space for your dancer. You’d be surprised by how much dancing we can do in a small area.

What does my dancer wear for virtual class?
Our normal uniform requirements are in place and can be found here.

What about for tap class? I don’t have a hardwood floor.
Kitchen floors, garages, bathrooms, and hardwood floors are suitable for tap dancing. Make sure to have your dancer get familiar with their dancing surface so they know how slippery it is. If you aren’t comfortable with your dancer wearing their tap shoes inside, they can wear indoor shoes (or slippers) and make sounds with their feet without tap shoes.

What does Acro class look like virtually?
It is very clear that we will be unable to work on our acro tricks (especially without trained faculty there to spot and make corrections). Instead we will be focusing on hard conditioning the body. The exercises performed virtually will easily be combined in class once we return to improve or complete those tricky moves we have been working on this year. For all student’s safety, this is the best solution for our acro stars. The results will be outstanding with very little space needed (and a yoga mat if you have one).

My children dance at the same time and I only have one device. What do I do?
All virtual classes will be posted on the Band App after for dancers to rewatch. We are also able to transfer one of your dancers to the same class but at a different time so both of your dancers can experience the benefits of virtual dance classes!

What technology do I need to make this work?
We recommend a computer/laptop setup or a tablet with audio functionality. Dancers are not required to be on camera but it is encouraged. Dancers will have the chance to speak with their teacher and class at the start and end of class.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Dance?

To all of our Dance London parents, we hope this list reminds you of your “why.” We know you’ve got a lot going on right now and it’s not always easy to get your kid set up with all of these digital resources. Just know that your children smiling at us through a screen every day is our “why.”

Here are some of our favourite benefits of virtual dance classes:

1. Personal Connection

It’s safe to say we are all craving social interaction right now. Getting the chance to see and hear a familiar face is so valuable right now. From seeing dance friends to telling their teacher about a weekend adventure, our dancers are guaranteed to log off Zoom feeling seen and heard during a time that we all feel invisible.

2. Staying Active

This is the most obvious benefit and likely doesn’t need to be said, but it’s important to remember that physical health contributes to mental health and emotional wellbeing too. We are strongly committed to keeping our dancers moving during this time when endorphins are running low. Practicing gross motor skills and having an elevated heart rate has immense benefits that will boost your dancer’s mood!

3. It’s Fun

We are so happy to provide a weekly outlet of fun for your dancer from the safety of their home. Give your dancer something to look forward to each week, plus they can access all recorded content any time on the Band App! We’ve been really upping our game in terms of interactive activities because we know how much kids need it right now.

4. Creative Outlet

The lockdown and social distancing are difficult for kids to grasp. No matter their age or understanding of the current situation, they are feeling the effects emotionally and physically. Getting the chance to let go, be creative, and dance it out is something that every child is craving right now. We LOVE giving that to our Dance London dancers.

5. A Sense Of Normalcy

Children thrive off routine and structure. Scheduling your child’s weekly dance class will make sure they are mentally prepared to return to the studio with a sense of confidence, knowing that they haven’t missed out.

The Most Important Benefit: Dancing Brings Them Joy

Providing our dancers virtual classes ensures there’s just one less thing they have to give up during this shutdown. Our virtual dance classes will continue to improve your dancer’s strength, flexibility, and technique – and most importantly – their happiness.

Why Dance London?

Since March 2020, we spent many hours setting up our virtual curriculum and technology that will deliver an online dance program that is safe, effective, worthy of your time and money, and most importantly, mirrors the benefits of a real dance class at Dance London.

We have invested financially in the software we need to make virtual dance classes feasible and enjoyable for our dancers. This includes hardwiring the internet to each studio to ensure a smooth live stream experience over Zoom as well as mics for our faculty. We are confident that this will be a smooth transition for all our dancers and families, and please know that we are here to help iron out any technical difficulties.

We understand that you might find this new virtual concept a little overwhelming, so we are here to help you through it. If you have any questions or need help setting up your tech or dance space, please get in touch so that we can support you and your dancer.

Virtual classes are a great opportunity to be around others and learn, especially for our tiniest of dancers. For our older dancers, our online classes are a lifeline while they are physically separated from their friends.

Dancing is our happy place and that doesn’t have to change. We hope to see you soon, virtually!


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