Why We Don’t Compete

One of the questions we most frequently get asked is why we don’t compete our dancers. When Ruth Anne Rogerson and her daughter Tammy founded Dance London in 1993, they wanted to create a studio that focuses on technical training and the love of dance. A place for everyone to be themselves and just enjoy dance. 25 years later, we are still following that philosophy.

Dance is first and foremost an art form. Dance is a passion. Dance is an opportunity for people to express themselves, and is often an outlet for emotions. With the focus towards winning, competitions overshadow what dance is really all about.

While competitive dance has its benefits, it’s negative effects on the dancers often get overlooked. The stress and anxieties of competition can lead to low self esteem, bullying, rivalries, favouritism, financial stress and much more.

Competition can also inspire great sportsmanship and teamwork, which is something we choose to build through our performance company instead. Instead of teaching our dancers that winning equals success, we teach our dancers how to be the best version of themselves.

Dance competitions have commercialized the dance industry, which has cause a shift and an increase in dance studios that compete.

It’s wonderful and refreshing to experience a non-competitive environment. Join our loving and supportive Dance London family today.

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