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What makes us different.

Dance your way through life and you'll be happy.

We do not compete or examine our dancers.

It’s wonderful and refreshing to experience a non-competitive environment.

When Ruth Anne Rogerson and her daughter Tammy founded Dance London in 1993, they wanted to create a studio that focuses on technical training and the love of dance. A place for everyone to be themselves and just enjoy dance.

25 years later, we are still following the same philosophy.

When you take the competitiveness, awards, examinations, and medals out of dance, everyone can just be. Our dancers, parents and faculty don’t compete with one another— instead, they encourage and support each other.

Everyone is equal and a part of our family.

At Dance London, you become a part of a family that supports and encourages one another.

Your child won’t feel left out or overshadowed by others, because no matter their age or skill level everyone is treated equally.

Your child will be placed in the best class based on their skill level and age.

All 6 – 17-year-old classes are based on skill level and age. This builds our dancers’ confidence by not feeling lost or behind in class. It also gives our high-level dancers the opportunity to keep progressing and not be held back in a class that is not challenging. By grouping dancers together that are in the same age range, they are able to connect and bond socially with their peers.

We cap our class size.

Instead of packing as many dancers as we can into our classes, we have a maximum number of dancers allowed per class. This allows our faculty to give enough one-on-one attention to each student.

Benefits of dance

Dance London gives me a supportive environment to improve and be myself.


Dance helps your child in many ways:

  • Releases anxiety
  • Lets them be themselves
  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches discipline, commitment, and teamwork
  • Creates long lasting friendships
  • Teaches organization, time management, and multitasking skills

Read how beneficial dance is for your child!

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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DL Parent Testimonials

My kids love dancing at Dance London. I recommend them to everyone!


We love our DL Parents as much as our dancers!

Our daughter was a timid little 6 year old when she started with Dance London. This is her 8th dance season now and she has grown as a person in so many ways. Over time shyness was overcome by self-confidence and greater self-esteem, and this is largely due to her experiences at Dance London. Her dance skills and her love of dance grows every year. As well she has learned grace, poise, and perseverance. Dance London has an exceptional teaching method, making each student feel special and encouraging them to do their very best without judging or competition.

There is a definite family atmosphere at Dance London which makes it a very special place. Our daughter has formed lovely friendships over the years. The students encourage each other and collaborate together. And they have so much fun together! They want to dance their best individually but more importantly collectively as a group.

The faculty is made up of an amazing group of talented, skilled, enthusiastic and creative women. They embrace the students by sharing their love and expertise of dance. The student/teacher relationship is genuine and nurturing with a shared respect for each other. The faculty members have become positive role models for our daughter and for the other students, and not just in dance but in other aspects of their lives as well.

As a parents all we want is to see our child happy. And that is what Dance London does for us....simply sheer joy and happiness. We are truly blessed to be a part of the Dance London family!

-- Susie + Ryan C.

Our daughter absolutely loves being a DL Dancer! We have seen a boost in confidence since she began lessons this past fall. We have also seen her love for dance arise and she is dancing whenever and wherever she can! We love seeing her passion for dance and look forward to the years of dance ahead of her! The DL Family is such an inspiring and positive group that we are so thankful to be a part of.

-- Sabrina + Michael M

My kids love dancing at Dance London. I recommend them to everyone!

-- Rob

Dance London is a wonderful place that is overflowing with passion. The entire DL Faculty has made us feel so welcome… from the caring and accommodating atmosphere to the friendly smiles! Thank you to all the teachers and staff for doing what you do! Your genuine passion for what you do and your ability to provide a fun yet professional environment for your students and parents is outstanding. Our daughter can't wait to go to her classes each week, which is in itself a true testament to the environment you have lovingly created. We are forever thankful and grateful for finding you and look forward to spending many more years at your studio!
While DL is for Dance London, we believe it also stands for Dedicated and Loving!
With many thanks,

-- Elizabeth + Jeremy S.

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Classes and styles

Dance London gives me a supportive environment to improve and be myself.


There’s a class for everyone.

Our regular dance season runs from September through to the end of May.  Adult and Parent and Tot classes run in sessions beginning in September, January and April.

Registration for our regular season is open until December 1st.

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Rogerson Chance to Dance Scholarship

Each season Dance London offers a scholarship to 5-10 children that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience formal dance lessons.

If you know a child that would benefit from this program, please submit an application using the button below.

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BIPOC Rogerson Chance to Dance Scholarship

Dance London is committed to sponsoring an additional 5 BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color) dancers ages 4-18 each season. Our dream is for all dancers of all backgrounds to have equal opportunity to train and study the art of dance.

We are also dedicated to outfitting all our dancers in tone-true tights and shoes whenever possible and to reinforce racial diversity, inclusivity, and representation across the studio.

Priority is given to applicants who demonstrate financial need, however, we invite all who qualify to apply. Applications do not require proof or declaration of financial need – we operate on an honour system.

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DL Faculty

I love Dance London because I have amazing friends and teachers and everyone is really nice here


Encouraging and supportive dance teachers.

We pride ourselves to be role models for all of our dancers. We treat everyone equally and make sure each dancer gets the same amount of attention.

Our DL Faculty creates a fun and loving environment that encourages dancers to be authentic. We want all our dancers to feel comfortable, to be themselves and have confidence to try their best in dance class and outside the studio.

Age appropriate choreography.

Today, kids are growing up way too fast. At Dance London we make sure that every dance, lesson, routine, costume and song is appropriate for the dancer’s age.

High level training.

We have a wide range of teachers with impressive dance training and professional experience.

View entire DL Faculty

Ashley Aarts

Artistic Director & Owner D.M.A, AMDA Graduate

Hi! My name is Ashley Aarts.

I’m the Director and Owner of Dance London and my lifelong dream has always been to teach. I began dancing at the age of three and have studied various dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip-hop, lyrical and modern. I have completed exams in tap, jazz, and ballet with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association and the Russian Society of Ballet. I’ve also received my dance educator certification with Dance Masters of America in jazz and tap, and am a certified Pilates instructor.

I had the privilege of studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City, and am proud to have received the school’s top entrance award, The National Scholarship. During my time at AMDA, I studied ballet, tap, jazz, theatre dance, acting, voice, and musical theatre with some of America’s top performers and teachers. Following graduation, I accepted a performance contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, where I performed as a dancer and was selected to be an aerialist.

I’m passionate about lifelong learning, so I’m always trying to further educate myself by attending dance conventions to stay up to date with current dance trends and teaching techniques. I’ve attended the Paula Morgan Teacher Workshops in Toronto as well as the Pulse Teacher Workshops in New York City.

I first joined the Dance London Family in 2009, and I wholeheartedly fell in love with the environment Ruth Anne and Tammy Rogerson-Lechner created. At Dance London, each dancer is equally valued—no matter how many classes they are taking or how long they’ve been with us. There atmosphere of an extended family among both students and staff. Most importantly, Dance London does not compete its dancers.

Dance, although very sport-like in discipline, is first and foremost an art form. By removing the competition from dance, dancers are able to embrace the art of dance for all that it is. They have a love for performing, as well as have an in-depth understanding of technique—without the competition.

In 2015, Ruth Anne Rogerson retired and I had the honour of taking over ownership of Dance London. I promise to always nurture and encourage the atmosphere Ruth Anne and Tammy created—a place that is fun, welcoming and inspiring for the students.

My objective as a dance educator is to build strong technical dancers that have stylized movement and great performance qualities. From the dancers that take one class a week to our company dancers, each child is so very special to me and I have so much joy watching them perform.

To new families joining us: it’s my pleasure to welcome you to our DL Family. To our returning families: here’s to another amazing season.

In the words of Ruth Anne Rogerson, “Dance your way through life and you’ll be happy!”

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I love coming to dance because I get to learn something new every week.


Dance London Performance Company

DLPC is the perfect addition to our training program for the serious dancer.  Dancers learn exciting pieces of choreography taught by members of our faculty. The company performs at various community events.

Audition experience.

Acceptance into the Dance London Performance Company is based on a yearly audition that is held at the beginning of our dance season. This gives our dancers the opportunity to experience a dance audition in a safe and supportive environment.

How DLPC benefits your child.

Our performance company teaches our students discipline, commitment and teamwork. This intensive level of training enables each dancer to reach their full potential in a warm, loving, and nurturing environment, with the end goal of performing in our community.

DLPC Performances

To give you an idea of where DLPC performs here are some past performances:

  • Harlem Globetrotters
  • London Lightning Halftime Show
  • NHL Rookie Tournament
  • The Children’s Health Foundation Magical Winter Ball
  • CIBC Run for the Cure
  • DLPC Year End Showcase

2021-2022 DLPC Requirements

Jr 3

4 Classes

  • 1 Ballet
  • 1 Jazz
  • 2 class of their choice (Acro recommended, or Hip Hop, Contemp., Tap, Musical Theatre, etc.)

Pre-Int 1

4 Classes

  • 2 Ballet
  • 1 Jazz
  • 1 class of their choice (Hip Hop, Contemp., Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, etc.)

Pre-Int 2 & 3, Int 1-3, Adv 1

5 Classes

  • 2 Ballet
  • 1 Jazz
  • 1 Contemporary
  • 1 class of their choice (Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, etc.)

Adv 2 & 3

4 Classes

  • 1 Ballet
  • 1 Jazz
  • 1 Contemporary
  • 1 class of their choice (Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, etc.)

The class requirements for Jr 3 and Pre-Int 1 level dancers is only 4 classes, giving them the opportunity to try DLPC while having a slightly smaller time commitment. These dancers are still exploring what they are passionate about and we want to give them the opportunity to experience our company.

Adv 3 dancers will now only require 4 classes (and only 1 ballet). Our Adv 3 dancers have invested a significant amount of time over the years, many having trained for over 10+ years in Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, and more. As they enter the upper years of high school where academic expectations increase, we want to make sure they still have the time to do what they love.

We have spent many hours determining the requirements above and we thank you so much for understanding. Dedication, practice, and skill are what differentiates our DLPC program from our regular season classes. Although dance is first and foremost an art form, our dancers still require a high level of technique, strength, and flexibility to be part of DLPC.

DL Facility

I am thankful for dance because it helps me express who I am and it helps me with any situations that come up in life.


Dance London is located inside the ActivityPlex at Comissioners and Highbury in London, Ontario.

The ActivityPlex is London’s one and only one-stop-shop for extracurricular activities, such as swimming, gymnastics, tutoring, piano, martial arts, and of course Dance London! Our facility includes:

  • Five studios
  • Waiting room
  • Girls dressing room
  • Boys dressing room
  • Homework/lunch area with kitchenette
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited free parking

All of our studios include:

  • Full length mirrors
  • Viewing windows
  • Sprung dance floors that prevent dance related injuries

Photos of our new studio are coming soon – stay tuned!

Thankful for dance

I Love to dance because I get to be with my friends and teachers! And it makes me very happy!


Find out why our dancers are thankful for dance.

I am thankful for dance because it’s fun!

-- George, 4

I am thankful because I get to dance and I have great friends and family.

-- Mikayla

I am thankful because I like to do the stage.

-- Meg, 4

I am thankful because I love to dance with my friends.

-- Olivia, 4

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